The Gone Philosophy

This article was typed out for a Thanksgiving journal last year and was to be published before Bieber Fever. However, for some reason I chose not to. Everything happens for the best. Thinking about it now, the article couldn’t be published at a more appropriate time. I dedicate this post in loving memory of Zindah Ahmed, my real grandmother.

A… B… C… D… 1… 2… 3… Did you catch it? There it is again. Right now! Okay, let’s try it once more. Ooh! Too bad. I don’t blame you. How can you? Surprising, is it not? That everything you do, say, and think, is gone.

The moment after an experience happens the next moment transforms it into a mere memory. Almost everything is the past. Right now! That “right now!” I just wrote, which you just read, was read in the past. Even this meaningless long sentence which you’re reading right now and has no punctuation will be gone the moment you reach this period which comes up right about now. Then you stop reading. Well, you read it that is.

So, what does it mean to really live in the moment? We are always living in the moment; in a state neither future nor past, but only present. Isn’t it weird? Weird, that we are so powerless. Yes, we can change the future to some extent, or, is that what we think? Even so, we can never change the past. We can learn from the past, but that doesn’t mean we can change it. Obvious? Of course it is. But how many times do you really think about it to reflect on this mystery of life? More so, how many times have you learnt a lesson from this mystery of life so that you can use it to your advantage?

Every moment, your experience becomes a mere memory with the advent of the next. How do you use that to your advantage? Well, you make the best memories your ability will permit. Use all the “ingredients” at your disposal. In life, it is your responsibility to create positive experiences that you will never, ever forget. Oh, great idea! I’ll start tomorrow!

Wait! How do you know about tomorrow? That’s right. Sadly, you don’t. You don’t know about tomorrow until it arrives in the next moment. I don’t even know if this article I’m writing will make it through, and be published on my blog. I do hope it will. But we never know. Anything can happen can it not? Anytime and anywhere. Remember that. Make the best use of your time, before it is all gone. Make the best memories with those around you. You never know when you might regret when you didn’t. Life is too short. Way too short.

This summer, look beyond the platters of delectable meats, tantalizing desserts, pampering vacations and home cooked foods. Look instead, at those around you, and bask in their existence. Make it known. Make memories using all the “ingredients” available and create the greatest of memories your ability will permit, so that when they do become memories, you will not regret. Because, sometimes you can make a bad memory, feel guilty, and then make a good one to erase it, since luckily for you, the “ingredients” still exist. But at other times, you can still make a bad memory but can’t make a good one. Some “ingredients” might have disappeared by the time you realize you want to change it.

Not so obvious now is it? But there’s more. Beware of the bad memories which are created unintentionally by this Gone Philosophy. How? When you take “ingredients” which make these memories for granted of course! The most common of them all! You see them all the time and forget them when you have them right in front of you, but you never know when they just might disappear. You can guess, but that won’t help you.

Realizing that you haven’t taken advantage of precious “ingredients” when you had them; and then finding out you can’t anymore because this time, the ingredients have unfortunately “run out”, is something none of us would like to feel. Sadly, all these “ingredients” will dissipate.

Very soon, we will all be gone. Purpose is why we still exist. Fulfill. Adieu.

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