The Singles’ Anxiety: An Invisible Pandemic (Part 1)

The South Asians are freaking out. The Lankans are freaking out. The Americans are freaking out. Okay fine, maybe I’m just exaggerating, a bit. Or maybe I’m not. Let me ramble. The girls have it bad. Bad-der, correction. The brown girls have it worse, or what I mean here is everyone from the brown lands … More The Singles’ Anxiety: An Invisible Pandemic (Part 1)

Beyoncé’s "Formation" (2016): Music Review – The Beyoncé Politic

Long time since I did a music video review; but when Queen Bey drops a nuclear musical bomb like this – errbody needs to be on high alert! This is not a drill; this is Code Black. Critics are raving, law enforcement is cringing, Right white conservatives are shrinking, and the black rights movement is … More Beyoncé’s "Formation" (2016): Music Review – The Beyoncé Politic

The Risk of Happiness

Remy Sharp – Untold Happiness (flickr) The defect in happiness is that it fleets, leaks, and seeps. Like a bucket with a gun hole at its bottom, the happy liquid escapes, however slowly (or quickly), to ultimately leave one hollow with an empty pail that is ready for the next filling.  Much of our aspirations tend … More The Risk of Happiness

Am I Right or Right?

At the center of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are, and you know what you want -Lao Tzu PublicDomainPictures – Pixabay I have always pondered the concept of what it means to be accepted by others. Either consciously or otherwise, we constantly judge others. That judgment is succeeded by selective … More Am I Right or Right?