The Risk of Happiness

Remy Sharp – Untold Happiness (flickr) The defect in happiness is that it fleets, leaks, and seeps. Like a bucket with a gun hole at its bottom, the happy liquid escapes, however slowly (or quickly), to ultimately leave one hollow with an empty pail that is ready for the next filling.  Much of our aspirations tend … More The Risk of Happiness

Am I Right or Right?

At the center of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are, and you know what you want -Lao Tzu PublicDomainPictures – Pixabay I have always pondered the concept of what it means to be accepted by others. Either consciously or otherwise, we constantly judge others. That judgment is succeeded by selective … More Am I Right or Right?

The Meaning of Life: A 20-Something’s 300 Word Ramble

Life is just weird. Not in a bad way, just that it is. This is an unusual post penned by moi. It is random, alien, and deviant, relative to the rest of my works. I know my opening sentence isn’t monumentally mind blowing, but neither is life. Especially not life. Now I sound depressed don’t … More The Meaning of Life: A 20-Something’s 300 Word Ramble

U.S. Election Edition: The Obama Romney Tiff

Featuring, the work of The Literartist’s premiere guest writer: SS    What’s so bad about Mitt Romney anyway? President Obama was cruising to re-election at the start of October. His (biggest) opponent had focused on making the election a referendum on his handling of the economy (which was recovering), had picked a running mate who was the … More U.S. Election Edition: The Obama Romney Tiff

Timely Deadlines

The brown leather plush seats feel sumptuously cozy, and yet the champagne glow emitting from the two mini-sized crystal chandeliers within the car give it all yet another splendor. On either side of the car polished wooden panes frame large rectangle windows, spotlessly showing the whizzing landscapes. Lazily wafting through the sliding doors now is … More Timely Deadlines