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Writing is an art; it yearns for a literary artist.

Nazran Baba holds a double-major with a specialization in Literature from American University, Washington D.C., and has previously written and published content for LinkedIn, The Eagle, WasteGate, American University, and a variety of other sources, including the publication of scholarly works in online academic journals.

To learn more about Nazran’s professional profile and access a few of his published works visit LinkedIn.

If you are searching for a dynamic wordsmith who can oversee and contribute to your communication efforts, or a savvy writer, fluent in a selection of versatile topics and trends, rest easy. For original writing that is crisp, compelling, and uniquely informative, Nazran can be reached at

If you are an individual and are looking for one-on-one help related to a personal assignment (i.e. undergraduate college essay, academic assignment, proofreading, cover letter, resume, higher education advice etc…) feel free to contact Nazran via the email above.

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