The Literartist is Back!

And, I’m taking this blog post to be more as a prequel to what is to come rather than a blog post itself. Basically, I used 23 words to say that, this is an, UPDATE.

Why have I not posted anything for so long? I actually don’t know. Okay I’m lying. At the beginning of the fall semester I did work on some deep and interesting material. One was on the plight of the international college student, considering why we do what we do, to be where we are, and to travel where we travel. The writing is still there but I haven’t got around finishing it. Some of them I’ve just scrapped completely. Right now, I’m just finished with my semester and I can guarantee you that you will be seeing a lot of new posts very soon. You can expect everything from movie reviews, new social commentaries, food, and even a blog post by a guest writer!

In regards to the site, I am absolutely amazed! Thank you. This blog only has 6 posts, and as of today, the site has garnered freaking 1146 page impressions! Fine, so I’m sure at least a 100 of them must be mine, but come on, that is just wicked ( I picked up the term wicked at Heathrow from a customs officer and I love it; the same goes for sick which was picked up at AU)! What is even more interesting is where these visitors are coming from. Some of the countries (apart from the obvious ones where there are people I know) include: Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Israel, Pakistan, Argentina, Latvia, Japan, Turkey, Hungary, and so much more, 17 in total for just the last month alone. The blog has now also been officially listed by Technorati – one of the leading search engines for blogs on the Internet. So become a follower if you like, and I’ll keep on trying my best to keep you entertained, in my own weird way.

So much has happened after the last blog post that I don’t even know where to start. The following link will take you to an article, and you might just recognize the person/s in the head picture. The article was posted on the Official United States Department of State website. I’m not going to tell you what it’s exactly about—it’s vey short, if you’re worried. I am an AU Diplomat, and I was interviewed by a writer working for the US Department of State. The article gives a glimpse into how international students in the US are assimilating in America, me included.

Second Version:

That link will function as my “sub-post” for this post—I mean, a part of me is in it so it does qualify, though the type of writing is not typical for this blog. Don’t worry, updates will be more frequent during the holidays, so do stay tuned. Adieu.

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