The Literartist Hits 50,000 Views!

Will keep this real short.

I honestly didn’t think I’d reach this milestone anytime soon. I also hadn’t set a timeframe for myself when I began because The Literartist bubbled from my own self-interests, particularly the need to express myself. Along the way, however, article after article, I noticed that my writing seemed to trickle its way down to certain audiences who wanted more. I still find it hilarious that my most popular post to date, the spine of this blog really, is my review of a Beyoncé song—“The Best Thing I Never Had” with 10,636 views alone. The month I released my critique on Queen B was the month I realized that a couple of hidden literary engines, buried deep inside the Literartist’s vaults, had suddenly roared to life. Even more enlightening is knowing where my readers are coming from. Sri Lanka, my home country, accounts for less than 6% of total readership; while curiously, this site has attracted readers from a 157 countries to date including Israel, Iceland, Belize, Sudan, and even one visit each from Rwanda and Burma (Myanmar).

I express my sincerest gratitude to you, the avid reader, for helping The Literartist hike through its ongoing journey of expression. Some of you have been with me and “it” from the start, and some of you are reading this announcement as your very first post. Regardless, I thank you for your visit(s) and for your support. I encourage you to sign up for updates on the top left via email, and to also become members and follow the site using your Google/other accounts (scroll down to the Followers widget on the left). I also pledge to you that together we will make this milestone the stepping stone for sprinting to greater heights. There are a lot more treats coming your way in the form of articles, reviews, pages, and interactive user interfaces via social media. Feedback is always welcome and encouraged. Tell me what you like, and what you don’t, that which you want and that which you won’t. Once again, THANK YOU dear reader. Without you this would not be this. You are truly my Literaudience. So read on! Adieu.

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